Hi, I'm Ash. A full stack developer from Manchester, UK. I am currently focusing on Web APIs and Single Page Application development using C#, Angular and other. I am currently employed by County Car & Van Hire as a lead developer.

I've been a developer for over 7 years starting out with PHP, HTML and CSS. I moved on to a C# and Angular stack around 5 years ago and have focused on that since. Along the way I have worked with a bunch of frontend other frameworks such as Vue and React. Also other languages such as Swift and Kotlin for some basic mobile development. Building both customer facing and internal software has allowed me to plan, manage and tackle various aspects of software development.

This site is where I plan (we shall see) to post about various technical tasks I have undertook and learnt from, as well as some non techical related things. Ideally I hope to use some of the posts as references to look back on in the future, potentially receive feedback on my posts in order to further the stuff I know and maybe learn some things I dont.